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About dabu-dabu

dabu-dabu is an Indonesian food caterer located in Honolulu. We provide catering for corporate events, private parties, or any special occasions.

We also prepare individual meals and ship by USPS anywhere in the US. Our dishes are kept fresh, clean and safe in Food Saver vacuum-sealed bags.

Indonesia is a Country rich and diverse in its geography, people, culture and cuisine.  We capture this exotic character and diversity by preparing dishes representative of all of Indonesia. Our signature dishes are from Manado, located in the northern part of one of Indonesia's largest islands, Sulawesi. Manado is famous (notorious!) within Indonesia for its spicy dishes. In Manadonese language, the name dabu-dabu means fresh chili dipping sauce! Although chilis are a key ingredient in Manadonese, and much of Indonesian food, it is the diverse and delicious flavors that set these dishes apart from other spicy cuisines. Citrus, lime leaves, lemon grass, ginger, and many other exotic spices all play a large role in creating a distinctly unique dining experience.

dabu-dabu is owned and operated by Jane Gostling. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, Jane has lived the past 10 years overseas, in Hong Kong, Tokyo and now Honolulu. It was in Tokyo that she started her catering business.

Jane developed her expertise while growing up in Indonesia. Her family tree stems from Manado, and Jane and her sisters were always helping their mother put home-cooked Manadonese food on the table. Jane is passionate and devoted to preparing the absolute best and many have said they can "taste" that energy in her food.