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Ordering from Honolulu


If you live in Honolulu there are two ways you can order individual dishes.

One is to simply order online from the mainland US menu (on the previous scroll-down window). As with mainland orders, the dishes you order will be packaged in Food Saver vacuum sealed bags and delivered by USPS to your door. The packaging ensures the food remains fresh, clean, and safe. This may be the most convenient and efficient option for you.

However, we also offer some additional dishes that can not be shipped by USPS due to their need for refrigeration. So if you live in Honolulu, and you wish to order any of these dishes, and/or dishes from the mainland menu and wish to arrange for alternative pick-up or delivery options please contact 808-426-8894. As with all mainland orders, the minimum is 4 orders total. This can be the same dish, or different but minimum must be 4 total. Thank you for your understanding.

Dishes available in Honolulu only :

  1. Rendang Daging ( spicy beef red curry stew in coconut milk and spices)  - beef can be substituted with chicken  (for 1-2 persons).
  2. Gulai Ayam (chicken cooked in chili coconut milk with rich spices)   per order $19.00 for 1-2 persons.
  3. Klappertaart (delicate custard with raisin, rum and flesh coconut). Minimum order 2 pans
  4. Nasi Uduk (Coconut Rice) per order $5.00 for 1-2 persons.
  5. Gado-gado (Vegetable Salad with peanut sauce) per order $8.00 for 1-2 persons.


    **All prices are subject to change without  prior notice.


                Rendang Daging $ 27.00                   Klappertaart 8x8" tray $ 23.00