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Sambel Roa

Sambel Roa

Smoked Roa fish-chili paste - Limited Item!

Roa fish (Garfish) is originally from North Sulawesi (Manado). This chili paste is the combination of caramelized smoked Roa fish, bird's eye chili, red chili, and other fresh spices.

It's homemade without preservatives/MSG. It tastes delicious with a unique flavor and a  tremendous spiciness. You can mix Sambel Roa with just about anything: warm steamed rice, instant noodles. You can also use it as a fiery dipping sauce for vegetable, cassava, fried banana or plantain. 


Net weight 7 oz.

**All prices are subject to change without  prior notice.



Type: Fish

Vendor: dabu-dabu

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